New York Times claims Casinos are changing minds about Online Poker

Besides several key members of Congress and the NFL, one of online poker’s biggest enemies has been land-based casinos. Now you’d think land-based casinos would welcome the idea of regulated internet poker and an end to the UIGEA. However, casinos have seen online poker as more of a threat than a friend in recent years. […]

Serious Legal Issues in Online Poker

Since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act passed in 2006, it’s been mostly quiet on the legal front in regards to online poker. Sure the poker news sites are constantly rolling out stories about proposed bill A in the works or how proposed bill B is buried in Congress just so they have something to […]

What will Happen to Full Tilt and PokerStars if Legislation is Passed?

As 2010 draws to a close, lots of online poker sites are salivating over the prospect of legalized poker in the United States. And while online poker isn’t necessarily illegal in the US, there are plenty of hurdles and barriers facing sites wanting to operate in the United States. For this reason, many companies have […]

Making Poker Fun Again

Everyone knows that poker is a game. Even still, most people get into this “game” because there’s lots of money to be won. And when poker becomes some obsession about winning money, you’ll definitely lose yourself within the game. If you ever find yourself struggling in online poker with no idea as to how you’ll […]

Cross Dressers ruin Ladies WSOP Event

Even though times have changed since the 80’s and 90’s, there still aren’t many female poker players who play in major tournaments. That’s why major poker organizations such as the WSOP have taken steps to ensure that there are ladies-only events where only women are supposed to play. And this has worked for both the […]

Winning More Hands = Losing More Money

It seems more than obvious that winning more poker hands would mean winning more money at the end of the day. However, studies performed by Cornell University’s Kyle Siler proves that winning more hands can negatively affect your bankroll – this is especially the case for beginners. Kyle Siler’s studies made use of poker tracking […]

5 Thoughts that are ruining my Bankroll

With everything that I read in regards to poker strategy, I think that some of the stuff is messing my game up. So I wrote down a list of some of the thoughts I’m having that could potentially be ruining my bankroll. And for my own reasons, I also chose to say why I think […]

Maybe I should Conentrate More

One of the things I like about poker is that I can play the game and do other things at the same time. In fact, I love multi-tasking when I play poker. Whether it’s sending texts to my buddies, making calls on my cell, or watching my favorite shows on TV, I absolutely love doing […]

Variance….Not Luck

There are lots of people who complain about how their luck is really bad in poker.  They bitch about how they are always the victim of bad beats and they also complain that nothing ever goes their way.  But there has to be something more to the equation for why certain players always seem to […]