Should Underage Poker Players keep Winnings?

While most online poker players are expected to be 18 or older, we all know that there are plenty of players who don’t exactly meet the minimum age requirements. In fact, some of the world’s best players such as Annette Obrestad started out as underage players, only to eventually become poker greats. But while this […]

Scott Montgomery Held at Knifepoint at the Bellagio

From the looks of things, Scott Montgomery has been living a fairytale life. He recently finished fifth at the 2010 WSOP Main Event and earned $3,088,012, he landed fellow poker star Annette Obrestad as a girlfriend, and is considered one of the top live tournament players in the world. Unfortunately, for every high there is […]

Poker Love Revealed on Facebook

Be careful of what you post on Facebook! This is what Scott Montgomery has learned after his post about his girlfriend’s gift made their relationship public. The innocent post simply said “Getting ready to celebrate my gf’s birthday. hope she likes my gift!” This came as a shock to everyone because there was no update […]

Stupid Online Poker Myths

Stupid online poker myths sprout from stupid people who think they know everything there is to know about poker. They play a few rounds of online poker at the $0.25/$0.50 limits and, by the snap of a finger, they’re the all-mighty poker gods of information! Then they go spread some silly myths about their so-called […]

8 Year-Old battling for $500,000 in Poker Winnings

Annette Obrestad was quite the phenomenon when she 17 years old raking in poker profits at an age when people aren’t even supposed to be playing online poker. Eventually, Obrestad made her way to stardom and has won several major poker tournaments since then. But if you think the story of Annette Obrestad is impressive, […]