Tips for the WSOP Carbon Poker Game

How to prepare for the WSOP Carbon Poker Game If the poker news outlets are to be believed it is just one month to the largest poker event. The WSOP represents some of the very best elements of the game. There will be different prizes for the main events as well as the traditional satellites […]

How to Fight Negative Hunches in Poker

Poker news outlets on hunches and emotional involvement Playing poker requires a clear mind and the ability to deal with various situations calmly. You cannot afford to simply walk into the game and then hope for the best outcome. Positive expectations are meant to remove the fear of folding. Hunches are just your emotional coping […]

Learning Poker Strategy – It’s in the Details

One of the biggest flaws people have with poker is that they don’t know how to properly learn poker strategy. For instance, they go out and read generalized poker articles that are written by somebody that plays $1/$2 No-Limit Hold’em, or they watch high stakes poker TV shows and try to apply some of what […]

Beating the Micro Stakes

One of the funniest myths that I’ve heard in poker involves people saying that micro stakes poker can’t be beaten. This claim is usually made by players who read generic poker strategy articles that don’t pertain to any particular level. They see some advice that was written by a $2/$4 No-Limit Hold’em player, and they […]

When you can Limp In

If there’s one move that shows weakness and invites raises from around the table, it’s limping in. By limping in, you are telling others at the table that your hand isn’t worthy of raising, and it’s nothing more than a weak drawing hand. So should you throw limping in out of your arsenal of poker […]

Should You Ever go after Good Players?

Commonsense tells us that going after poker players worse than you will yield profits over the long run. After all, these players suck and you want to get their money before anybody else does. However, there’s a different school of thought on the subject that you might not know and it involves attacking good players. […]

Poker Bet Sizing Tips

One of the best ways to smell a fish is by looking at their bet sizing skills (or lack thereof). They make unnecessarily large raises when trying to get others to fold, and they also under-bet when betting for value. In short, their betting is just awful! Assuming you want to avoid poor bet sizing, […]

“Don’t Listen to Phil Hellmuth” is Hot New Poker Book

For a while now, the poker book market has become somewhat stagnant. People still talk about the Harrington on Cash Games series as some of the best poker books, but that was a few years ago. What is there now? Well in case you’re wondering, “Don’t Listen to Phil Hellmuth” is the latest big-time poker […]

Affordable Poker Coaching Methods

When most people hear the term “poker coaching,” they immediately think expensive and out of their budget. But the truth is that poker coaching is a lot more affordable than you think – especially if you opt to go with the traditional online method over face-to-face meetings. In online poker coaching, the coach will require […]

Bad Continuation Betting Spots

If you look at the game of poker today as compared to five years ago, you’ll notice that there are a lot more continuation bets. This isn’t exactly a good thing either since the reason there are more c-bets is because the average player has no idea as to when the best time to make […]