The Strategy behind Poker

Escapism comes, naturally, to us or more specifically, to poker players. The thing about poker is that, it involves a detailed and complex strategy. But, most poker players ignore the details, and try, to find an easy way out. They would, probably, turn to poker, in T.V games, documentaries, or articles, penned on the rules […]

Bettering your Game with Advice from Tougher Competition

When you ask for advice on how to become a better poker player, the majority of people would tell you to play more competitive players, duh! It is completely obvious that you’re supposed to learn way more when you’re playing tougher players because you will be studying their moves. But the majority isn’t always right! […]

Picking Sit and Go Limits

I know how essential it is as a poker player to consider the stakes you play carefully, and it is most important in sit and go’s. If you’re not careful in finding the appropriate limits, it could keep you from making money and cut into your profit margins. Luckily I’ve done my research and can […]