Great Poker Days for Vanessa Selbst

Winning the Mohegan Sun Tournament for Consecutive Times The grape vine reports that Vanessa Selbst has won the Mohegan Sun Poker Tournament for the second time. This is part of NAPT history. A notoriously difficult fit means that this is the time to celebrate the wonderful achievements of this unique player. In terms of fame, […]

Erik Seidel Faces the Dilemma of Poker

Trying to make the case for winning poker games and tournaments Erik Seidel has been fairly successful season but the challenge is whether he can keep up the winning streak. There are plenty of commentators that are waiting for the streak to end so that they can write the customary negative articles on queue. It […]

The Details of an Audacious Poker Fraud

The financial penalties for the poker fraud are broken up Given the seriousness of the charges against the companies which accepted payments from USA players without authorization, it seems that there will be a lot to pay. The problem stems from the fact that the USA has inconsistent and often punitive restrictions on players. In […]

The FBI Steps in to Clean up Poker

Reading the FBI official statement on the poker scandal It seems that some poker establishments have been rather lax in their adherence to the law. This laxity is coming back to bite them. It all started with the US banks which were not willing to process payments. The poker companies then decided to get round […]

Fraud Takes Center Stage in Poker

The people who failed to play by the rules are under investigation It has now been reported that the “Poker Black Friday” is in full swing. On the 15th of April it was widely reported that owners of some of the major companies were facing fraud charges. The companies in question included Poker Stars, Full […]

Sin City Represents the WSOP Event of the Year

Get ready for the Carbon WSOP Event Sin City is presenting the Carbon WSOP Poker Tournament as one of the great tournaments that we expect this year. The prize pool is going into millions. That means that even where your strategy is going to the dogs, there is every chance that you will end up […]

From Booking the WSOP Poker Event to Playing

Make sure that you are prepared for the booking processes for the WSOP event The qualifiers can be booked for the Carbon WSOP Poker Tournament if you visit the Carbon Poker Lobby. The satellites tab will be clearly visible under the section for the tournaments that are making their way at the moment. Try to […]

The Qualifiers are Announced for the Carbon Poker Tournament

Get ready for the Carbon WSOP Poker Tournament entry requirements It is important that you pay attention to the bets that you make in the qualification period. They might be essential for your chances to win. The qualifier will start on the 16th of May and the buy in has been set at $460. The […]

Tips for the WSOP Carbon Poker Game

How to prepare for the WSOP Carbon Poker Game If the poker news outlets are to be believed it is just one month to the largest poker event. The WSOP represents some of the very best elements of the game. There will be different prizes for the main events as well as the traditional satellites […]

How to Fight Negative Hunches in Poker

Poker news outlets on hunches and emotional involvement Playing poker requires a clear mind and the ability to deal with various situations calmly. You cannot afford to simply walk into the game and then hope for the best outcome. Positive expectations are meant to remove the fear of folding. Hunches are just your emotional coping […]