Sometimes an Online Poker Image isn’t Important

The ideal poker image you want to carry is that of an unpredictable player who could either be raising with the nuts or just a second rate hand. This keeps opponents constantly guessing, and you can either value bet or semi-bluff them when opportunities arise. Of course, you aren’t just assigned a poker image; it […]

Different Bluffing Moves

One of the most thrilling aspects of poker is having the option to bluff. And there are different bluffing moves you can use during the course of play. There are varying bluffs for different skill levels, and when your money is on the line, I’d carefully choose which one you use in each situation. I’m […]

5 Thoughts that are ruining my Bankroll

With everything that I read in regards to poker strategy, I think that some of the stuff is messing my game up. So I wrote down a list of some of the thoughts I’m having that could potentially be ruining my bankroll. And for my own reasons, I also chose to say why I think […]