Don’t become a TAG Fish

Most poker players like to go with a tight-aggressive strategy because it doesn’t invite you to get trapped as much, and you can stick to a better range of cards. But just because you’re TAG doesn’t mean you’re a good player. In fact, there are plenty of TAG fish out there, which is why you […]

Folding Pocket Queens

I was reading a poker forum earlier today, and I saw where a guy on there was wondering where he went wrong playing his pocket queens; he ended up calling a guy who went all-in on a flop of 3-4-6 with pocket kings after limping in/calling pre-flop. All of this motivated me to make a […]

Playing Second Rate Hands before the Flop

I’ve definitely played my fair share of bad cards before the flop and my current bankroll reflects that number.  I must admit though that it’s tough to fold pocket fives in middle position when there’s a chance I could get in for cheap and flop a set.  Even still, I’ve been trying to improve my game […]