What are Effective Stack Sizes?

Whenever you see somebody talk about a poker hand on forums, you might see them mention the term “effective stack sizes.” Like most poker lingo, this phrase isn’t immediately clear when you first see it. But the basic definition of effective stack sizes is pretty easy to explain since it’s just the smaller stack in […]

Poker Bet Sizing Tips

One of the best ways to smell a fish is by looking at their bet sizing skills (or lack thereof). They make unnecessarily large raises when trying to get others to fold, and they also under-bet when betting for value. In short, their betting is just awful! Assuming you want to avoid poor bet sizing, […]

Slowplaying robs you of Money

Despite how much poker strategy has advanced in the past few years, there are still some people who subscribe to the adage that slowplaying is a smart move. After all, slowplaying can conceal monster hands and keep opponents guessing as to what you have. On the other hand, slowplaying also prevents you from getting maximum […]

Value Betting

Most experienced players know about the concept of value betting. Even if you don’t know about value betting, you still do it on a regular basis without even realizing it. Value betting is simply trying to get the maximum value out of a made hand. For instance, let’s say you flop an ace-high flush and […]