High Stakes Poker Season 7 Sucks

As good as High Stakes Poker has been in the past, Season 7 is absolutely horrible! The cast sucks, the rich amateurs are painful to watch, and Norm MacDonald is not only the worst announcer in poker history, but quite possibly the worst announcer ever! Honestly, what made the HSP producers think that this could […]

Dan “jungleman12” Cates is Biggest Winner in 2010

If ever there was a poster boy for how anyone can make it in online poker, it’s Dan “jungleman12” Cates. Cates started playing online poker back in 2007 as a $1/$2 Hold’em grinder. Unfortunately, Cates sucked pretty bad and bounced back and forth between SNG’s and cash games before losing around $3k in ’07. However, […]

Omaha Poker: The High End Game

Texas Hold’em doesn’t look to be dethroned as the world’s top poker game anytime soon. Hold’em is easy to pick up, and most poker tournaments deal with Hold’em so it’s only going to get more popular. However, if you’re tired of taking bad beats and constantly dealing with the “luck” aspect, perhaps you should give […]

Brian Townshend vs. Tom Dwan?

The Dwan Challenge has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the high stakes online poker community for the past year. By now everyone has heard of Full Tilt Poker pro Tom Dwan. He has been going up against Patrik Antonius in a heads-up match that will have lasted for 50,000 hands when it […]

Dwan’s $1.2 Million Night

2009 was definitely not Tom Dwan’s year. He was consistently beaten by Full Tilt Poker’s best pros, and he lost millions of dollars to people like Patrik Antonius. Well Dwan must have learned some kind of lesson after losing these millions since he’s been red hot in 2010. Before last night, Dwan had already earned […]

Tom Dwan makes $230,000 in under 10 Minutes

There aren’t a lot of people in the world that would be able to win $230,000 in under 10 minutes, but Full Tilt Poker pro Tom Dwan recently did it in 9 minutes. For the majority of poker players, it would take years of winning to reach this amount – let alone winning it in […]