What are Effective Stack Sizes?

Whenever you see somebody talk about a poker hand on forums, you might see them mention the term “effective stack sizes.” Like most poker lingo, this phrase isn’t immediately clear when you first see it. But the basic definition of effective stack sizes is pretty easy to explain since it’s just the smaller stack in […]

Using Expected Value for Post-play Improvement

Many poker players know that expected value looks at how much we expect to gain or lose by making a certain poker play over the long run. For instance, if you make a $10 call in a $60 pot (6:1 pot odds) with a flush draw (3:1 odds of hitting the hand), you are getting […]

Drawing 1 Card at a Time

Since Texas Hold’em has become so popular in the last few years, I’m sure everyone is familiar with pot odds. And if you know about pot odds, then you know when and when not to play most hands after the flop. But the thing is conventional pot odds knowledge only looks at your odds for […]

Mistakes Beginning Tournament Players Make

If you’re just starting out in tournament poker, then you are bound to make mistakes. And I don’t care how many Phil Hellmuth strategy books you’ve read, you’re still going to make mistakes whether they be big or small. Obviously you want to avoid the big ones, and here is a quick look at THE […]