Doyle Brunson bashes Las Vegas Poker Scene

Okay, I’ll admit that the US recession has caused Las Vegas to take such a hit that Macau is now considered the best gambling destination in the world. But has Vegas really declined to the point where it’s poker action isn’t worthy of the top pros? According to Doyle Brunson it has since the Texas […]

Nick Schulman on World of Jenks TV Show

I must admit that when I first saw previews for the “World of Jenks” on TV, it wasn’t the most appealing show to me. Great….another documentary show by some lucky punk who got a deal right out of film school. But one episode caught my attention and made me actually sit down to watch the […]

Phil Laak Breaks Record for Most Hours Played Straight

Phil Laak took himself out of the first week of WSOP in order to try and break the poker record for most hours played straight. Phil was attempting to break the record set by Paul Zimmer who played for 74 hours and 20 minutes last year. Laak set his goal to be able to play […]

Cool Poker Cribs

Phil Ivey was in the news when he decided to put his Las Vegas mansion back on the market for $2 million. The poker pro’s house featured a whopping 6 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 3 fire places, a pool to swim in, along with a hot tub. The appeal didn’t stop there though since the house […]

Wii Poker advances Poker Video Game Technology

There is an awesome new game out called Wii Poker where people are able to play Texas Hold’em with others from around the world via their television set. And what’s cool about this Texas Hold’em game is that you’re able to manipulate a wide selection of controls and features to take the game’s experience to […]