Using Expected Value for Post-play Improvement

Many poker players know that expected value looks at how much we expect to gain or lose by making a certain poker play over the long run. For instance, if you make a $10 call in a $60 pot (6:1 pot odds) with a flush draw (3:1 odds of hitting the hand), you are getting […]

Affordable Poker Coaching Methods

When most people hear the term “poker coaching,” they immediately think expensive and out of their budget. But the truth is that poker coaching is a lot more affordable than you think – especially if you opt to go with the traditional online method over face-to-face meetings. In online poker coaching, the coach will require […]

Poker Hand Histories are Definitely Helping Me

One thing that I’ve really begun to look at quite often are the poker hand histories from my good hands as well as bad beats. Poker hand histories allow me to see if I messed up or if I actually did something right (for a change lol). It has been very beneficial to my game […]