Brunson Says Ivey is Too Young for Poker Hall of Fame

Phil Ivey seems to be at the top of the 2010 Poker Hall of Fame list heading into the final vote. Ivey has been more successful than of the other players, and is even said to be the greatest poker player on the globe. His major accomplishments are: – An L.A. Poker Classic title in […]

Crazy $250,000 Buy-in Tournament

I thought that some of the WPT and WSOP events were getting a little crazy by charging $25,000 and $50,000 buy-ins. Obviously there are still interested parties since people buy into these events, but I think they’re only created for poker’s elite. I guess I should have held my thoughts though after seeing the $250,000 […]

Bettering your Game with Advice from Tougher Competition

When you ask for advice on how to become a better poker player, the majority of people would tell you to play more competitive players, duh! It is completely obvious that you’re supposed to learn way more when you’re playing tougher players because you will be studying their moves. But the majority isn’t always right! […]