Phil Laak’s Poker Endurance Record already up for grabs

Only three months have passed since the poker endurance record was broken by Phil Laak. He broke the record by playing poker for 115 hours straight at the Bellagio Casino thus smashing the previous record of 72 hours set by Paul Zimbler. For someone to beat the record of most time spent at the poker […]

Making Poker Fun Again

Everyone knows that poker is a game. Even still, most people get into this “game” because there’s lots of money to be won. And when poker becomes some obsession about winning money, you’ll definitely lose yourself within the game. If you ever find yourself struggling in online poker with no idea as to how you’ll […]

Phil Laak Breaks Record for Most Hours Played Straight

Phil Laak took himself out of the first week of WSOP in order to try and break the poker record for most hours played straight. Phil was attempting to break the record set by Paul Zimmer who played for 74 hours and 20 minutes last year. Laak set his goal to be able to play […]

Daniel Negreanu whining about Sunglasses

Daniel Negreanu has always been one of the well-liked poker players on the pro circuit. He always makes friends even when he’s taking players’ money with a smile. But lately, the second best live poker tournament player in history ($12.8 million) has run into some trouble. First, he has been getting blown out of the […]