Why is Zynga Poker worth $8 Billion?

I just came upon an interesting fact the other day that said Facebook’s poker provider – Zynga Poker – is worth more than $8 billion. The findings came courtesy of a Wall Street Journal article that took a close look at the company, and published the staggering net worth. So here’s my question: why is […]

Anna Chapman: From Spy to Poker Star

It’s scary to think of spies being tortured until they spill their guts about everything they know. But it’s even worse when you hear about a spy who is instead given fame and fortune along with a platform to launch a new iPhone poker game application. Anna Chapman is a former spy from Russia, and […]

Poker Love Revealed on Facebook

Be careful of what you post on Facebook! This is what Scott Montgomery has learned after his post about his girlfriend’s gift made their relationship public. The innocent post simply said “Getting ready to celebrate my gf’s birthday. hope she likes my gift!” This came as a shock to everyone because there was no update […]

The Perfect Poker Environment

The last thing on people’s minds is ergonomics, but it actually plays a large part in the world of online poker. Proper ergonomics will prevent things like carpel tunnel and back problems. And to be completely successful at online poker, it is important to put yourself in a successful environment as far as your personal […]