Phil Laak Breaks Record for Most Hours Played Straight

Phil Laak took himself out of the first week of WSOP in order to try and break the poker record for most hours played straight. Phil was attempting to break the record set by Paul Zimmer who played for 74 hours and 20 minutes last year. Laak set his goal to be able to play […]

$2 Million Weight Loss Prop Bet made by Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow

Ted Forrest and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow have made one of the biggest prop bets in history. The poker tournament pros have made a bet putting Matusow on the plank for $2 million. The circumstances of the bet are that Forrest has to weigh 139 pounds by July 15th in order to get $2 million. […]

Why Complaining Hurts Your Game

I’ll admit that when it comes to complaining in poker, I’m one of the guiltiest people there is.  I complain about bad beats, I bitch about how stupid other players are, and I also whine about how much rake rooms take out of pots.  To sum things up, I pretty much complain anytime the cards […]