The NASH Equilibrium

A friend asked me the other day what you do when you’re pitted heads-up against a maniac whose main move is to go all-in. This is definitely an intimidating concept too because your opponent is putting you up to a difficult decision every time. Fortunately, you can make these decisions a lot less difficult by […]

Beating the Micro Stakes

One of the funniest myths that I’ve heard in poker involves people saying that micro stakes poker can’t be beaten. This claim is usually made by players who read generic poker strategy articles that don’t pertain to any particular level. They see some advice that was written by a $2/$4 No-Limit Hold’em player, and they […]

Omaha Poker: The High End Game

Texas Hold’em doesn’t look to be dethroned as the world’s top poker game anytime soon. Hold’em is easy to pick up, and most poker tournaments deal with Hold’em so it’s only going to get more popular. However, if you’re tired of taking bad beats and constantly dealing with the “luck” aspect, perhaps you should give […]

Playing the Dealer Spot in Hold’em

If you don’t know that the dealer spot (or button) is the best place on a Texas Hold’em table, then perhaps you need to look at the most basic Hold’em strategy you can find. With that out of the way, it’s very important that you maximize your turns in the dealer spot because you will […]

Making Poker Fun Again

Everyone knows that poker is a game. Even still, most people get into this “game” because there’s lots of money to be won. And when poker becomes some obsession about winning money, you’ll definitely lose yourself within the game. If you ever find yourself struggling in online poker with no idea as to how you’ll […]

Playing Q-J

In Texas Hold’em, you’ll get hands that force you to think about the next move all of the time. With hands like A-A, K-K, and Q-Q you’re probably making large pre-flop raises with the intention of getting 1…maybe 2 callers. With hands like 7-2, you’re hopefully folding every time because nothing good can come from […]

Wii Poker advances Poker Video Game Technology

There is an awesome new game out called Wii Poker where people are able to play Texas Hold’em with others from around the world via their television set. And what’s cool about this Texas Hold’em game is that you’re able to manipulate a wide selection of controls and features to take the game’s experience to […]

Winning More Hands = Losing More Money

It seems more than obvious that winning more poker hands would mean winning more money at the end of the day. However, studies performed by Cornell University’s Kyle Siler proves that winning more hands can negatively affect your bankroll – this is especially the case for beginners. Kyle Siler’s studies made use of poker tracking […]

Playing Second Rate Hands before the Flop

I’ve definitely played my fair share of bad cards before the flop and my current bankroll reflects that number.  I must admit though that it’s tough to fold pocket fives in middle position when there’s a chance I could get in for cheap and flop a set.  Even still, I’ve been trying to improve my game […]