Norm MacDonald is New High Stakes Poker Host

Norm MacDonald has spent his life telling jokes as a stand-up comedian. But today, it was announced that MacDonald may have pulled off his greatest joke ever…..he is now the host of High Stakes Poker. No this isn’t some spoof post as the last statement was completely true. MacDonald has taken over the High Stakes […]

Doyle Brunson bashes Las Vegas Poker Scene

Okay, I’ll admit that the US recession has caused Las Vegas to take such a hit that Macau is now considered the best gambling destination in the world. But has Vegas really declined to the point where it’s poker action isn’t worthy of the top pros? According to Doyle Brunson it has since the Texas […]

Who is Archie Karas?

Dip into the subject of the greatest poker players of all time and you won’t find Archie Karas……at least not right away. He’s never won any major poker tournaments, and he doesn’t have the young, high stakes poker swag that people like Tom Dwan and Patrik Antonius have. No Karas is simply a gambler who’s […]

Brunson Says Ivey is Too Young for Poker Hall of Fame

Phil Ivey seems to be at the top of the 2010 Poker Hall of Fame list heading into the final vote. Ivey has been more successful than of the other players, and is even said to be the greatest poker player on the globe. His major accomplishments are: – An L.A. Poker Classic title in […]

Alzheimer’s Disease can be Avoided with Poker

Doyle Brunson is still at the top of his game at the ripe age of 77. Not only is he a successful poker player, but he still finds time for the ladies at strip clubs! He’s still playing in beer pong tournaments when most people his age are getting their drivers license revoked. And some […]

Doyle Brunson- Host of Beer Pong Tournament

It seems as though some guys never grow out of their days of chasing tail and getting wasted… Doyle Brunson is definitely one of those guys. You have to give it to the man: at age 76 he is still kickin it like a stud by hosting his third annual Doyle Brunson Beer Pong Invitational […]

Cool Poker Cribs

Phil Ivey was in the news when he decided to put his Las Vegas mansion back on the market for $2 million. The poker pro’s house featured a whopping 6 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, 3 fire places, a pool to swim in, along with a hot tub. The appeal didn’t stop there though since the house […]

Daniel Negreanu whining about Sunglasses

Daniel Negreanu has always been one of the well-liked poker players on the pro circuit. He always makes friends even when he’s taking players’ money with a smile. But lately, the second best live poker tournament player in history ($12.8 million) has run into some trouble. First, he has been getting blown out of the […]

Brunson and Hellmuth choose Team USA Players

I think it is cool that eight different countries get to compete against each other in an international event called World Team Poker, which is basically the Olympics of poker. The eight countries consist of USA, China, Australia, Israel, England, Vietnam, Greece, and Brazil. As captains of Team USA, I’m sure that Doyle Brunson and […]

LA Lakers Owner Jerry Buss now a Poker Pro

Despite being the owner of perhaps the most powerful franchise in the NBA, Jerry Buss’ role with the team has been limited to being more of a mascot in recent years rather than the proud owner. His children have taken over most of the responsibilities with the Los Angeles Lakers and that has given Buss […]