Shannon Elizabeth Finally finds a Home

In the world of sponsored poker players, actress Shannon Elizabeth is something like an NBA journeyman……she has bounced around numerous sites without any luck in finding a permanent home. And this is no doubt strange considering the fact that she’s had a few solid poker tournament finishes along with her appearances in American Pie, Scary […]

Making Poker Fun Again

Everyone knows that poker is a game. Even still, most people get into this “game” because there’s lots of money to be won. And when poker becomes some obsession about winning money, you’ll definitely lose yourself within the game. If you ever find yourself struggling in online poker with no idea as to how you’ll […]

Perez Hilton makes Serious Accusations against Shannon Elizabeth

Hosting illegal poker games is the kind of thing that can cost you some serious money, and even land you in jail if you’re taking a big enough rake. According to Perez Hilton and an anonymous email he received, actress Shannon Elizabeth could be doing exactly that. Hilton decided to publish the entire email he […]

Cross Dressers ruin Ladies WSOP Event

Even though times have changed since the 80’s and 90’s, there still aren’t many female poker players who play in major tournaments. That’s why major poker organizations such as the WSOP have taken steps to ensure that there are ladies-only events where only women are supposed to play. And this has worked for both the […]

How to play Pocket Kings

If you don’t get pocket aces in your hand, the next best thing is pocket kinds. After all, having the second best pair in the game before the flop is dealt almost guarantees you of having the best hand. Of course, there’s just one little problem…..pocket aces trump pocket kings over 80% of the time. […]

Simon Watt stops Tom Dwan from receiving First Bracelet

It seems a little crazy when you think about how much Tom Dwan has been able to earn from playing online poker this year. I mean, the guy usually plays for pots that are way bigger than most WSOP buy-ins so you’d think he would have a bracelet by now. But he is still in […]

Phil Laak Breaks Record for Most Hours Played Straight

Phil Laak took himself out of the first week of WSOP in order to try and break the poker record for most hours played straight. Phil was attempting to break the record set by Paul Zimmer who played for 74 hours and 20 minutes last year. Laak set his goal to be able to play […]

Men Nguyen gets 7th WSOP Bracelet

When you’re talking about poker legends like Billy Baxter and Phil Ivey, Men “The Master” Nguyen usually never comes to mind. I mean, Men Nguyen has been labeled a cheater in the past few years after being accused of cheating in some LA card rooms with players he has mentored. The truth hasn’t been uncovered […]

Playing Heads-up With a Low Stack

When you’ve made it to the heads-up part of a poker tournament, it’s safe to say you’re pretty awesome. Go ahead, give yourself a pat on the back, and keep in mind that I said ‘poker tournament’ and not a sit and go. One common situation you might be in though is having a small […]

The Perfect Poker Environment

The last thing on people’s minds is ergonomics, but it actually plays a large part in the world of online poker. Proper ergonomics will prevent things like carpel tunnel and back problems. And to be completely successful at online poker, it is important to put yourself in a successful environment as far as your personal […]