Investment Firms are hiring Poker Players

Most people think that poker is a one-track profession – you either make it in poker or you don’t. There is no parlaying your poker skills onto the operating table or into some lofty management position. But this might not be the case anymore according to a recent Los Angeles Times article. The article talked […]

$2 Million Weight Loss Prop Bet made by Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow

Ted Forrest and Mike “The Mouth” Matusow have made one of the biggest prop bets in history. The poker tournament pros have made a bet putting Matusow on the plank for $2 million. The circumstances of the bet are that Forrest has to weigh 139 pounds by July 15th in order to get $2 million. […]

Stupid Online Poker Myths

Stupid online poker myths sprout from stupid people who think they know everything there is to know about poker. They play a few rounds of online poker at the $0.25/$0.50 limits and, by the snap of a finger, they’re the all-mighty poker gods of information! Then they go spread some silly myths about their so-called […]

Drawing 1 Card at a Time

Since Texas Hold’em has become so popular in the last few years, I’m sure everyone is familiar with pot odds. And if you know about pot odds, then you know when and when not to play most hands after the flop. But the thing is conventional pot odds knowledge only looks at your odds for […]

Brian Townshend vs. Tom Dwan?

The Dwan Challenge has been on the tip of everyone’s tongue in the high stakes online poker community for the past year. By now everyone has heard of Full Tilt Poker pro Tom Dwan. He has been going up against Patrik Antonius in a heads-up match that will have lasted for 50,000 hands when it […]

Will the WSOP move to another Location?

It is May and that means it’s almost time for the world’s most important poker event again in the WSOP. And even though the World Series of Poker is almost here, people are questioning whether or not the giant poker tournament will have to find a new venue. What’s the reason? Harrah’s Entertainment is debating […]

Playing Q-J

In Texas Hold’em, you’ll get hands that force you to think about the next move all of the time. With hands like A-A, K-K, and Q-Q you’re probably making large pre-flop raises with the intention of getting 1…maybe 2 callers. With hands like 7-2, you’re hopefully folding every time because nothing good can come from […]

Keeping the Long-term in Prospective

It sucks when your set of queens is trumped by an idiot who just got lucky with a runner-runner straight. You might even want to give up on poker completely if you were seconds away from winning a large pot. No one likes bad beats….but you have to keep the overall picture in mind here. […]

Playing Tournament Hands on the Bubble

You’ll be able to find a monstrous amount of poker strategy on the web. Unfortunately, using typical strategy won’t be much help in the large multi-table poker tournaments because they usually feature play that defies standard strategy. It is even truer when you’re getting close to the bubble of a big tournament. So you’re going […]

Can you really Spot Fish Right Away?

There’s a common “poker strategy” bit that claims you can spot fish as soon as they come into an online poker room. This bit of strategy says that you need to look at the chip counts of people as they come into No-Limit rooms because fish will enter the room with less chips than what […]