Brunson and Hellmuth choose Team USA Players

I think it is cool that eight different countries get to compete against each other in an international event called World Team Poker, which is basically the Olympics of poker. The eight countries consist of USA, China, Australia, Israel, England, Vietnam, Greece, and Brazil. As captains of Team USA, I’m sure that Doyle Brunson and […]

Novice Seven Card Stud Tips

I know that Seven Card Stud isn’t as popular as it was a decade ago, but people are definitely still playing it. There are actually a lot of people still playing it in WSOP events. Since Seven Card Stud isn’t totally dead, we should check out some tips to become a decent seven card stud […]

Winning More Hands = Losing More Money

It seems more than obvious that winning more poker hands would mean winning more money at the end of the day. However, studies performed by Cornell University’s Kyle Siler proves that winning more hands can negatively affect your bankroll – this is especially the case for beginners. Kyle Siler’s studies made use of poker tracking […]

I Play Fewer Hands and it Pays Off

I’ve known some poker players who get trapped in the idea of playing every suited hand, ace, or pair of connectors they have. Needless to say, it doesn’t quite work out the way they expect. Out of all the concepts that can assist a poker player in the beginning, it is learning to play fewer […]

Picking Sit and Go Limits

I know how essential it is as a poker player to consider the stakes you play carefully, and it is most important in sit and go’s. If you’re not careful in finding the appropriate limits, it could keep you from making money and cut into your profit margins. Luckily I’ve done my research and can […]

LA Lakers Owner Jerry Buss now a Poker Pro

Despite being the owner of perhaps the most powerful franchise in the NBA, Jerry Buss’ role with the team has been limited to being more of a mascot in recent years rather than the proud owner. His children have taken over most of the responsibilities with the Los Angeles Lakers and that has given Buss […]

Tom Dwan makes $230,000 in under 10 Minutes

There aren’t a lot of people in the world that would be able to win $230,000 in under 10 minutes, but Full Tilt Poker pro Tom Dwan recently did it in 9 minutes. For the majority of poker players, it would take years of winning to reach this amount – let alone winning it in […]

Poker Hand Histories are Definitely Helping Me

One thing that I’ve really begun to look at quite often are the poker hand histories from my good hands as well as bad beats. Poker hand histories allow me to see if I messed up or if I actually did something right (for a change lol). It has been very beneficial to my game […]

5 Thoughts that are ruining my Bankroll

With everything that I read in regards to poker strategy, I think that some of the stuff is messing my game up. So I wrote down a list of some of the thoughts I’m having that could potentially be ruining my bankroll. And for my own reasons, I also chose to say why I think […]

New Sport in Lithuania

If you’re the kind of person who thinks of sports and immediately envisions balls and oval tracks, you’re probably going to be shocked to find out what Lithuanians have decided to do. Sports are no longer delegated to the big-time jocks and highly trained athletes because Lithuania has declared poker as a sport! This happened […]