Man at Heart of $70 Million Poker Scandal is Arrested

A few months ago, the online poker community was in an uproar because over 23,000 poker accounts were frozen in the state of New York.  And I’ll admit that I was one of the people in an uproar because I feared that other states would follow suit and start freezing accounts for no apparent reason.  […]

Playing Second Rate Hands before the Flop

I’ve definitely played my fair share of bad cards before the flop and my current bankroll reflects that number.  I must admit though that it’s tough to fold pocket fives in middle position when there’s a chance I could get in for cheap and flop a set.  Even still, I’ve been trying to improve my game […]

Mistakes Beginning Tournament Players Make

If you’re just starting out in tournament poker, then you are bound to make mistakes. And I don’t care how many Phil Hellmuth strategy books you’ve read, you’re still going to make mistakes whether they be big or small. Obviously you want to avoid the big ones, and here is a quick look at THE […]

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