Bad Continuation Betting Spots

If you look at the game of poker today as compared to five years ago, you’ll notice that there are a lot more continuation bets. This isn’t exactly a good thing either since the reason there are more c-bets is because the average player has no idea as to when the best time to make […]

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky to Continue Sponsoring the WSOP

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky has been a part of poker for the last two years, and it appears as if it will be even longer after they renewed their deal to sponsor the World Series of Poker through 2012. Jack Link’s will dominate the advertising during the tournament series on ESPN as well as advertising […]

The Reality of Suited Connectors

It’s commonly accepted knowledge that the true value of suited connectors comes when you’re in multi-way hands. The reason being is that suited connectors are capable of taking down huge pots when they hit, but you need several other players to be in the hand to make them pay off. But before you run off […]

Omaha Poker: The High End Game

Texas Hold’em doesn’t look to be dethroned as the world’s top poker game anytime soon. Hold’em is easy to pick up, and most poker tournaments deal with Hold’em so it’s only going to get more popular. However, if you’re tired of taking bad beats and constantly dealing with the “luck” aspect, perhaps you should give […]

Erik Seidel and Dan Harrington in Poker Hall of Fame

Dan Harrington and Erik Seidel have been chosen for the Poker Hall of Fame, thus bringing and end to the talk of having some younger players like Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu in the HOF. The choice to put Seidel and Harrington in the Poker Hall of Fame is a good one since they both […]

Full Tilt Poker App to be released for Android

There hasn’t been a lot of progress in mobile phone poker lately; although a lot of companies have been working to speed things up by releasing poker applications. And Full Tilt Poker headlines the releases with “Rush Poker” for the Android. After months of working out the kinks, Full Tilt is rumored to be ready […]

Anna Chapman: From Spy to Poker Star

It’s scary to think of spies being tortured until they spill their guts about everything they know. But it’s even worse when you hear about a spy who is instead given fame and fortune along with a platform to launch a new iPhone poker game application. Anna Chapman is a former spy from Russia, and […]

Scott Montgomery Held at Knifepoint at the Bellagio

From the looks of things, Scott Montgomery has been living a fairytale life. He recently finished fifth at the 2010 WSOP Main Event and earned $3,088,012, he landed fellow poker star Annette Obrestad as a girlfriend, and is considered one of the top live tournament players in the world. Unfortunately, for every high there is […]

Nick Schulman on World of Jenks TV Show

I must admit that when I first saw previews for the “World of Jenks” on TV, it wasn’t the most appealing show to me. Great….another documentary show by some lucky punk who got a deal right out of film school. But one episode caught my attention and made me actually sit down to watch the […]

Brunson Says Ivey is Too Young for Poker Hall of Fame

Phil Ivey seems to be at the top of the 2010 Poker Hall of Fame list heading into the final vote. Ivey has been more successful than of the other players, and is even said to be the greatest poker player on the globe. His major accomplishments are: – An L.A. Poker Classic title in […]