Poor Omaha Hi-Lo Hands in Disguise

A lot of beginner Omaha Hi-Lo players think that it’s really cool to win half of the pot. After all, if you only contribute 30% of the pot and win back 50% of it, this seems like a good investment. However, the truth is that going for half of the pot in Omaha Hi-Lo is […]

Michael Mizrachi’s Year

Up until June, this was shaping up to be a very bad year for Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi. First off, Mizrachi hadn’t had a significant tournament cash since 2008, which probably led to his second bigger problem: he owed the IRS over $360,000. As was well documented in the poker news, Mizrachi, lost both of […]

Picking a Seat

One of the most overlooked aspects in poker strategy is choosing the right seat at a table. The majority of players simply click on the first open seat they see and start playing. This method of choosing a seat might be totally fine for beginners, but it’s not going to cut it if you want […]

Playing the Dealer Spot in Hold’em

If you don’t know that the dealer spot (or button) is the best place on a Texas Hold’em table, then perhaps you need to look at the most basic Hold’em strategy you can find. With that out of the way, it’s very important that you maximize your turns in the dealer spot because you will […]

Sit and Go Money-making Tips

Chances are that you don’t want to spend a lifetime grinding out small profits in micro stakes sit an go’s – you want to make some real money! Unfortunately, the majority of sit and go players have no idea how to make lots of cash playing in these one-table tournaments. And you can know all […]

How to handle the Middle of a Sit and Go

The middle stage of a sit and go definitely isn’t the most sexy part of these tournaments. After all, the middle part doesn’t feature any heroes trying to double up with K-J like in the beginning stages, and the prize pool isn’t awarded during the middle stages either. Despite not being the most exciting part […]

WSOP not affected by Recession

Normally in times of economic despair, people cut out all of the fills and luxuries such satellite TV, jet skis, and trips to Florida. And since poker is a gambling-based game, you would think that people might consider this a frill and cut it out as well. However, the numbers suggest something entirely different. The […]

Phil Hellmuth has Another Big WSOP Entrance

Phil Hellmuth has already made several big entrances to the WSOP Main Event. So far, Phil has been Julius Caesar, an army general with sexy recruits, and a NASCAR driver. So what did Hellmuth do to top all of that off? He came as a boxer this year along with world-famous boxing announcer Bruce Buffer. […]

Peter Eastgate Retires

As if it wasn’t already shocking enough when 20 year-old Michael McDonald retired from poker after making millions of dollars, Peter Eastgate added more shock when he recently announced that he would be retiring from poker. The 24 year-old pro from Denmark first gained poker stardom after he won the 2008 WSOP Main Event at […]

74 Year-Old Poker Player robbed, then chases Robbers

Thomas Gigliotti thought that he and his wife Josephine had a pretty good night after winning $4,000 at the poker tables. The Gigliotti’s were cleaning other players out at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida before heading home to Plantation, Florida. Little did they know, some robbers had a plan to […]