Tips for the WSOP Carbon Poker Game

How to prepare for the WSOP Carbon Poker Game If the poker news outlets are to be believed it is just one month to the largest poker event. The WSOP represents some of the very best elements of the game. There will be different prizes for the main events as well as the traditional satellites […]

How to Fight Negative Hunches in Poker

Poker news outlets on hunches and emotional involvement Playing poker requires a clear mind and the ability to deal with various situations calmly. You cannot afford to simply walk into the game and then hope for the best outcome. Positive expectations are meant to remove the fear of folding. Hunches are just your emotional coping […]

Some Developments in the World of Poker

Many more casinos are providing the space to practice on poker The great news is that you can practice playing poker before worrying about the live games. In reality you are not likely to win a lot of money in this way but it gives you the initiative when it comes to planning the game […]

The Strategy behind Poker

Escapism comes, naturally, to us or more specifically, to poker players. The thing about poker is that, it involves a detailed and complex strategy. But, most poker players ignore the details, and try, to find an easy way out. They would, probably, turn to poker, in T.V games, documentaries, or articles, penned on the rules […]

A Record People Attended the Last Year’s Open Poker Championship of Canada

The last year’s Poker Championship of Canada, which held in between 19 to 29 of August, witnessed a record attendance. People from round the world poured into the Canada to take part in this championship. The operator and the owner of this tour, the Heads-up Entertainment International INC. has tasted a sweet taste of success […]

Should Underage Poker Players keep Winnings?

While most online poker players are expected to be 18 or older, we all know that there are plenty of players who don’t exactly meet the minimum age requirements. In fact, some of the world’s best players such as Annette Obrestad started out as underage players, only to eventually become poker greats. But while this […]

What are Effective Stack Sizes?

Whenever you see somebody talk about a poker hand on forums, you might see them mention the term “effective stack sizes.” Like most poker lingo, this phrase isn’t immediately clear when you first see it. But the basic definition of effective stack sizes is pretty easy to explain since it’s just the smaller stack in […]

High Stakes Poker Season 7 Sucks

As good as High Stakes Poker has been in the past, Season 7 is absolutely horrible! The cast sucks, the rich amateurs are painful to watch, and Norm MacDonald is not only the worst announcer in poker history, but quite possibly the worst announcer ever! Honestly, what made the HSP producers think that this could […]

The NASH Equilibrium

A friend asked me the other day what you do when you’re pitted heads-up against a maniac whose main move is to go all-in. This is definitely an intimidating concept too because your opponent is putting you up to a difficult decision every time. Fortunately, you can make these decisions a lot less difficult by […]

Peter Eastgate blows $1.7 Million on Sports Betting

After shocking the poker world by retiring from the game in 2010, when he was seemingly on top of the world after a 2009 WSOP Main Event victory and several big cashes afterward, Peter Eastgate surprised the poker world again by announcing his return. Eastgate doesn’t appear to have really lost much either after making […]