How to Fight Negative Hunches in Poker

Poker news outlets on hunches and emotional involvement Playing poker requires a clear mind and the ability to deal with various situations calmly. You cannot afford to simply walk into the game and then hope for the best outcome. Positive expectations are meant to remove the fear of folding. Hunches are just your emotional coping […]

Some Developments in the World of Poker

Many more casinos are providing the space to practice on poker The great news is that you can practice playing poker before worrying about the live games. In reality you are not likely to win a lot of money in this way but it gives you the initiative when it comes to planning the game […]

Anybody playing Poker on Christmas?

So who’s all playing poker on Christmas today? I know that I am…..just have to sneak away from a few family members and play when I get the chance. Sure it’s the holiday season and I should be spending it with family members, but hey, I’ve got money to win! In my experiences, Christmas is […]