Negatives and Positives about Playing Drawing Hands from Early Position

The idea associated with drawing hands is to try and stay in the hand for as long as possible so you can hit your hand. That being said, I think it’s sometimes nerve wracking when you’re waiting on the right card, and it is even worse when you’re sitting in early position. And it can […]

Bettering your Game with Advice from Tougher Competition

When you ask for advice on how to become a better poker player, the majority of people would tell you to play more competitive players, duh! It is completely obvious that you’re supposed to learn way more when you’re playing tougher players because you will be studying their moves. But the majority isn’t always right! […]

Dwan’s $1.2 Million Night

2009 was definitely not Tom Dwan’s year. He was consistently beaten by Full Tilt Poker’s best pros, and he lost millions of dollars to people like Patrik Antonius. Well Dwan must have learned some kind of lesson after losing these millions since he’s been red hot in 2010. Before last night, Dwan had already earned […]

Bad Beat Jackpot Strategy

It seems like the world of online poker is always coming up with some great idea to draw new players to the game. And bad beat jackpots certainly fit this bill since they have drawing power due to the large amount of cash involved. Of course, you have virtually no chance of winning this cash […]

Is this the Year of the Woman in Poker?

Annie Duke hasn’t played much poker in the last year or so. But that didn’t stop her from winning one of the world’s biggest heads-up poker events in the NBC Heads-up Championship. Major victory number 1 for women on the year. Up next was Vanessa Selbst who was competing in the Main Event of the […]

Al Pacino and the Suicide Doctor are playing Poker

The poker world seems to have a fascination with celebrity figures (probably because they bring news fans to the game). And this fascination has recently hit a peak with Al Pacino and Dr. Jack Kevorkian agreeing to meet each other for a little friendly game of poker. Now I’ll be the first to admit that […]

Chris “Jesus” Ferguson in the Movie Making Biz

Chris “Jesus” Ferguson has done just about everything that a person could do in the game of poker. He’s won the WSOP Main Event (2000), he has earned over $7,800,000 in live tournament winnings, and he is one of the poster boys for Full Tilt Poker. But you don’t get to the top of the […]

Different Bluffing Moves

One of the most thrilling aspects of poker is having the option to bluff. And there are different bluffing moves you can use during the course of play. There are varying bluffs for different skill levels, and when your money is on the line, I’d carefully choose which one you use in each situation. I’m […]

Wii Poker advances Poker Video Game Technology

There is an awesome new game out called Wii Poker where people are able to play Texas Hold’em with others from around the world via their television set. And what’s cool about this Texas Hold’em game is that you’re able to manipulate a wide selection of controls and features to take the game’s experience to […]

Poker Pro staying in Israel for Prop Bet

There has been poker players who have ran marathons, broke their vegan vows, and golfed for almost $20,000 a hole. However, there hasn’t been any poker players who have been made to move from their home to another country for a prop bet until now. Jeff Madsen, the famous poker pro, is throwing a twist […]