The Myth of Online Poker Tells

When you first start learning online poker tactics, there is an abundance of information on tells and reading opponents. When you are playing live poker, the info is exceptionally useful since people will more than likely give out a lot of tells at the table. Every little thing from nervous twitches to physical dispositions can […]

Maybe I should Conentrate More

One of the things I like about poker is that I can play the game and do other things at the same time. In fact, I love multi-tasking when I play poker. Whether it’s sending texts to my buddies, making calls on my cell, or watching my favorite shows on TV, I absolutely love doing […]

8 Year-Old battling for $500,000 in Poker Winnings

Annette Obrestad was quite the phenomenon when she 17 years old raking in poker profits at an age when people aren’t even supposed to be playing online poker. Eventually, Obrestad made her way to stardom and has won several major poker tournaments since then. But if you think the story of Annette Obrestad is impressive, […]

Money ain’t a Thing to Tom Dwan

For all of the talk about Tom Dwan being down over $1 million on the year, he sure seems to be doing pretty well lately.  Dwan, who lost $4.1 million in 2009, recently had a huge week to put himself at a $1.7 million profit just over two months into 2010. Playing on Full Tilt […]

Variance….Not Luck

There are lots of people who complain about how their luck is really bad in poker.  They bitch about how they are always the victim of bad beats and they also complain that nothing ever goes their way.  But there has to be something more to the equation for why certain players always seem to […]

Tiger Woods turns down $75 Million Poker Sponsorship Offer

Although Tiger Woods has lost plenty of sponsors over the past several months due to his kinky sex scandal, he must not be hurting for money too badly since he just turned down a $75 million sponsorship deal from a poker company.  The poker company in question is Paddy Power, which is an Irish poker […]

EPT Poker Tournament is Robbed at Gunpoint

Small poker gatherings are often a popular spot for robbers to hit since there is usually no security at these games and there is also lots of money laying around.  However, you would never expect a bunch of criminals to try and rob a high-profile poker tournament where there are hundreds of people around to see what went down.  But […]

Poker as an Olympic Sport?

The 2010 Winter Olympic Games taught us that activities such as curling can be considered a sport.  With this being the case, many people are starting to ponder the question “why not poker?” This thought has especially been circulating ever since the announcement that poker will be accepted into the International Mind Sports Association.  The […]

Why Complaining Hurts Your Game

I’ll admit that when it comes to complaining in poker, I’m one of the guiltiest people there is.  I complain about bad beats, I bitch about how stupid other players are, and I also whine about how much rake rooms take out of pots.  To sum things up, I pretty much complain anytime the cards […]

Poker “Skills” that aren’t always Skills

Like most casual online poker players, I like to read some strategy whenever I get the chance.  Whether it’s reading about how to pick a good table or what I can do to avoid mental lapses at the table, I always try to be up on it.  However, I don’t have as much time as […]